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Why Should You Choose an Acoustic Guitar?

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The Advantages of Choosing an Acoustic

Although most modern guitarists choose electric guitars over acoustic for their chosen genre of music, acoustic guitars are still wildly popular. They are still used in most genres of music, sometimes as a lead instrument, sometimes in the background. If you have the money and have the choice, why choose an acoustic? This article explains some of the advantages.


While electric guitars are quite portable, they are typically heavier to carry. In addition, electric guitars require amplifiers to create their sound. Depending on what amp you use, they can be quite heavy and cumbersome. With acoustics, you have the option of using a pickup and an amp (more on that in a bit), but most often you will not be encumbered in that way. Most of the time, you simply pull it out of the case, make sure it is in tune, and then fire away.


Acoustic guitar is used in the forefront and in the background of many performances and recordings in every genre imaginable. There is nothing quite like the sound of a good acoustic guitar. Whether you are alone playing or singing on stage by yourself, or in a studio jamming with a full band, acoustic lends a depth and richness to your music.

You may be concerned about the lack of tonal options in an acoustic vs. an electric guitar. But with pickups made for acoustic guitars, combined with amps and effects pedals, you can create a wide variety of sounds which can fill almost any need.


While it is true that electric guitars typically are easier to play because of their lower action (that is, how close the strings are to the fretboard) and the lighter gauges of strings normally used for electrics, the difference is often overstated. The truth is, an acoustic can be set up to play almost as easily as an electric. This involves having a professional lower the action on your guitar and choosing lighter gauge strings. (Do understand, however, that this will have an effect on your instrument’s tone.) This, along with the portability factors mentioned above, makes an acoustic a very good choice for many people.


As stated above, an electric guitar requires an amplifier, which is an added expense. If you have budgeted a certain amount of money for your guitar, the money you save on the amp, should you choose not to get one, can be put into getting a higher quality acoustic guitar.

If you have already decided on an acoustic, but have limited funds, don’t worry! For as little as $100-150, you can get a decent, name-brand acoustic guitar. These less expensive guitars are often sold as starter kits that come with accessories like a soft case, guitar picks, and a tuner. These are especially good for the beginning guitarist. No matter what your skill level is, you can find an acoustic that sounds great and fits your budget.

The Acoustic World

Acoustic guitars offer a lifetime of playing pleasure. Consider them when making your guitar purchase-you won’t be disappointed.

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