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Buying a New Guitar? Consult Your Guitar Teacher First!

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Interested in learning the electric, bass or acoustic guitar? Need lessons in the Scripps Ranch or Sabre Springs area? Would you like to learn to play your favorite songs?

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Three Things You Want Your Guitar Teacher to Approve Before You Buy

If there is one complaint that most professional guitar instructors share, it’s the sub-par instruments that their students try to play on. If a guitar is not a good fit or not in good condition, the student will struggle at best, and often give up trying to play altogether. By allowing your guitar teacher to help you select the best instrument for you, you will save time and money. Your playing will improve at a much more reasonable rate, and your relationship with your instructor will be strengthened. The following three factors are what your guitar teacher will use to help you decide on which guitar will work best for you.


Have you ever bought a box of clothing because it was cheap, not even knowing if any of it was your size or style? No? Then why would you do that with your guitar? Guitars come in many styles and sizes, and your guitar teacher will help you select the best fit for you.


Would you want your car mechanic to use tools from the dollar store? How would you feel if your dentist bought all second-hand equipment because it was cheap and he was in a hurry to get started? It’s sad how many new guitar players choose their guitars this way. Yes, you may pay a bit more up front – but in the long run, it’s worth it. Don’t worry, your guitar teacher has no desire to force you to spend money you don’t need to. He or she has connections, remember?


Even a Porsche isn’t going to live up to its potential if the belts are loose or a cylinder is out. Why do this to yourself? Your guitar should be a joy to play, not a pain. Trying to play on a guitar where the strings are set too high is like getting the Blue Screen of Death every time you want to send an email: it slows you down and halts your progress. A properly maintained and adjusted guitar saves you incalculable frustration.

You shopped for the proper guitar teacher, now allow that professional to help you make the best decision in purchasing your instrument. Because your guitar teacher is in the music industry all the time, he or she will know where to find the best quality and fairest prices. Listen to his or her advice. Both you and your teacher will have much more enjoyable sessions, and your learning will progress quicker with the proper guitar.

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