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Should I Buy A Brand Name Guitar?

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When you start shopping for a guitar, you are faced with a wide range of choices in design, style, body type and brand name. While brand names are usually the top of the line instrument, it should not be the deciding factor on the guitar you ultimately purchase. To find the right guitar for you, you need to pay attention to what the guitar sounds like when you play it. This will be the deciding factor on whether or not you should buy a brand name guitar.

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The sound of the guitar is affected by the type and quality of the wood that is used to create the instrument. Each type of wood will offer you a different sound when the guitar is played. It will also determine how light or heavy the guitar is. The weight of the guitar affects the electric guitar player more than the acoustic player, but it should be considered no matter which type of guitar you prefer or intend to play.

Every guitar is also different even if it is made on a brand name production line. They will all have a unique sound when they are played making it imperative that you take the time to play numerous guitars in the showroom before you select the one you wish to buy. Plus, consider the price of the instrument. You will be able to find guitars that give you the sound you’re looking for within your price range without it having a brand name stamp on it.

You will run into some guitar salesmen that will try to steer you towards a brand name guitar as compared to one that is not branded. That does not mean that the unbranded guitar is bad. You may find one that provides you with what you need in an unbranded guitar just as easily as in a branded one. The only difference is that a brand name guitar will offer you a higher resell value than an unbranded one if you decide to sell it later down the road. This is why it is so important to try numerous guitars before spending your money.

Unbranded guitars are made from the same wood as the branded guitars. You will find some that are made with cheap plywood, especially when it comes to acoustic guitars. Unless you are purchasing it for a child to learn on, you should look for one that is made with a better wood. The type of wood will make a difference in the sound. Also look for an unbranded guitar that comes with a warranty and replacement parts. This will assure you that the guitar is protected if something happens to it because of cheaper construction.

Read some reviews on the many different types of guitars available – branded and unbranded – before you start shopping around. Then make sure you try different guitars to gauge how they feel in your hands when you play it and how it sounds. If the price it right, go ahead and buy a brand name guitar. Otherwise, consider an unbranded guitar that offers you the right price with a warranty.

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