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Purchasing an electric is a big investment that includes some additional considerations that are not found during an acoustic guitar purchase. Always try out numerous guitars and amps before you make your final purchase. Here is a base guideline of electric guitar prices as well as what some additional costs may entail.

black electric guitar

Black electric guitar
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Typical costs in buying a guitar

  • A typical electric guitar, regardless of the model or body style, will run between $200 and $400 for a beginner’s instrument, amp and cord. A mid range rig will cost about $500 to $2,000. A high end guitar alone will cost somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000.

  • A Hawaiian guitar or electric lap steel guitar is played with the back of the guitar across your lap or on a stand. These guitars also feature floor pedals or knee levers to change the tuning of the strings during play, giving it that sound that is popular in country music. These guitars range from $75 to $150 for a beginner guitar and run from $200 to $3,500 for a mid-range to professional instrument.

  • Electric bass guitars only have four strings and are tuned an octave lower than the four lowest strings on a regular guitar. A starting, beginner rig (instrument, amp and cord) ranges from $200 to $500 while a more professional rig can range from $500 to $5,000.

Additional costs

  • You should purchase a case for your guitar to protect it while it is not being played or when you are transporting it from one location to another. A soft-shell case will range from $15 to $300 while a hard case ranges from $100 to $400. A padded leather case can range from $300 to $500.

  • Amplifiers are a must when purchasing an electric guitar. Your guitar will only sound as good as the amp makes it so you want to look for a high quality amp. Basic amps start at $20 to $200 but can range from $250 to $1,500 or more depending on the rig.

  • Additional supplied include: guitar picks, $2 to $4; guitar strap, $10 to $30; extra strings, $2 to $20; and a guitar tuner, $15 to $100.

electric bass guitar

Electric bass guitar

All electric guitars and electric bass guitars should have pickups on them that amplify the vibration of the strings and sends that information to the amp. They should be made of a solid body construction although you can find some electric guitars that have a semi-hollow body. The wood used in the guitar will make a difference in the sound and in the price.

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