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Why Listening to Music You Don’t Like can be Good for You

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Forcing Yourself to Expand Your Musical Horizons

Does opera make you think of nothing more than a loud, overweight woman wearing an oversized Viking hat? Does the mere idea of long-haired men in spandex playing screaming guitars set your teeth on edge? Do you think of hip-hop artists as nothing more than a bunch of musically untalented yellers who need to put a belt around their pants and get a job? If so, then this article is for you!

Let’s face it, most of us have a preferred genre or two, some that we like to listen to on occasion, and a few that we choose to avoid. But by getting past the stereotypes associated with certain genres of music, you can enrich your life and at the same time find common ground and possibly even inspiration!

There are ALWAYS exceptions

Let’s take just a couple of stereotypes as examples and set them on their ear.

Does country music make you think of cheating rednecks driving pickup trucks, pining for their lost dogs, and guzzling beer? Undoubtedly, there are many country songs that celebrate that lifestyle, and almost as many that make fun of it. But country songs often evoke the most basic human emotions of pain and loss and the joy of true love. There are many country songs that tell great stories that have nothing to do with pickups and horseback. It doesn’t take much Googling to find examples.

Rappers are often considered angry, misogynistic, non-musical thugs who brag about what side of the city or country they live in. Indeed, there are many examples of rappers who took the “thug” lifestyle a little too seriously and paid the ultimate price. One sad example was the brilliant poet Tupac Shakur, who left too soon. Once again, however, it’s not the best idea to dismiss this genre as a whole just because of the stereotype. A deeper listen will bring up stories of pain, joy, and brotherhood. You will also find social issues cropping up in rap and hip-hop that are far too often swept under the rug. There is even a current movement of Christian-based hip-hop artists.


If you are a musician, it is even more important to get out of your comfort zone and listen to more styles of music than the ones you play in. It can pay huge dividends in the long run. For example, let’s say you are a rock musician looking to write and perform a power ballad. Listen to a few country songs about love, or even try to imagine a metal remake of one of these songs. You may find yourself inspired. Maybe you are an R&B singer looking to find a musical “hook” that will take your song to the next level. Imagine some jazz piano or hard rock guitar riff to pump up your song. You can probably come up with several other examples on your own. The possibilities are endless.

Not as painful as it sounds

You won’t be gritting your teeth for very long if you keep an open mind and listen for things you like in music that you tend not to like. Be sure to pay attention to the crossover genres, too!

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