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Guitar Accessories That Rock

Whatever level of guitar playing you are at, there are accessories available that can make your guitar playing even better. We’re not going to talk about necessities like tuners, picks, or extra sets of strings here. No, these are NOT necessities in the true sense of the word, but they ARE accessories that you will begin using and eventually ask yourself how you managed to play without them!

Stomp boxes

Effects pedals, also called stomp boxes, are electronic devices that electronically alter sounds made by your guitar. They are preferred over other types of effects because of their versatility and ease of use. They are small boxes that are positioned on the floor or within a pedalboard, and routed between the guitar and the amplifier.

Stomp boxes include wah-wah pedals, phasers, and delay pedals. A wah-wah pedal creates vowel-like sounds by altering the frequency spectrum produced by your guitar. It is operated by a foot treadle that opens and closes a potentiometer. A phaser pedal creates a rippling sound. A delay pedal, also called an echo pedal, duplicates the signal from the guitar to the amplifier to create an echo effect. These pedals have been used in countless live and studio performances.

If you run more than one of these in sequence, how you place them will affect the overall sound your guitar will make. Try a few configurations to see what works for you. If you have questions about this, consult your music teacher or guitar store.

Computer and smartphone software

Things have changed a lot in the last 20 years. With today’s technology, you can set up a virtual recording studio in your home at a tiny fraction of what it once cost to rent a few hours’ time in a professional studio. You can “hire” a “backup band” with the help of downloadable backing tracks and YouTube videos.

Among the best guitar software applications are Apple GarageBand, Ampkit, Guitar Pro, and Sibelius.

GarageBand is a complete music-making suite for Mac and iOS users. It offers everything from backing tracks to music effects, and can even be used by non-musicians to create music. Ampkit turns your Mac into an amplifier. Guitar Pro is available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC, and helps you learn, play, and write tablature. The computer version also has a metronome, a tuner and other helpful tools to get you learning and improving your guitar playing quickly. Sibelius is notation software designed for songwriters, and allows you to share your music quickly and effectively. It is available for outright purchase, or on a subscription basis.

The EBow

This hand held “electronic bow” vibrates your guitar strings, and creates myriad effects that you can use separately or in conjunction with your stomp boxes. Among the effects available with this nifty little device are infinite sustain, bowing sounds, slurs, fades, and more.

What will you add to your arsenal?

Check these items out at your computer store and music shop. You won’t be disappointed!

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