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How Often Should Your Child Practice Guitar?

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Setting your child up for success on the guitar

Music lessons are the gift that keeps on giving. With talent, drive, and patience, your boy or girl may make this their lifetime passion and may even make it their career! No matter how it turns out for them, good for you for starting them down this rewarding path. 

Between Lessons

One of the most important parts of learning guitar is taking time to practice between lessons. How often should your kid practice and for how long each session? There are a few variables, but the best idea is to have them practice at least every other day. This will be often enough for them to proceed at a decent pace. Of course, the ideal situation is for them to practice dailywhenever possible. This helps “lock in” what is being taught. If they practice every day, as opposed to three or four times a week, their advancement will be exponential.

As far as the length of time spent during each practice session, typically 30-60 minutes per session is just fine. This gives the child time to run some basic scales, perhaps go over a piece of music they have already learned in order to build confidence, and then the bulk of the remaining time should be used going over the new lessons for the week. 

Pick a Time and be Consistent

One thing experts highly recommend is that the same time of day and the same amount of practice time be scheduled for each practice session. There are a number of good reasons to do this.It establishes the good habits of being punctual and sticking to a plan. It is much easier to focus on practice and set aside other concerns when you know you have time allotted just for playing. It helps you schedule other events around the practice, which ensures that your child gets the time they need to get it done.  

Make a Space

If at all possible, set aside a part of the house or of your child’s room strictly for the purpose of music practice. Keep it simple and free of clutter. For most children, their guitar (and amp if electric), music stand, and chair should be the only things in the area. Keep water and a snack nearby. For extra inspiration, decorate the area with music-themed prints and posters. Forbid the use of phones or computers, unless they are using an app for their lessons. They can talk to their friends when they are finished rehearsing.

Overcoming Plateaus

Even the most ambitious kids can get bored or frustrated when learning to play guitar. When this happens, let them know that it is completely normal for this to happen, especially with beginners. They need to be patient when they hit the difficult times and just stick with it; this too shall pass.

If they are bored, it’s time to mix things up a bit. Giving them a more challenging piece of music or changing up the way he or she does things will help your child shake off the boredom. As with the frustration, it is common and temporary. Stick with it!

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