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Use a Guitar Troubleshooter to Check Out That Buzz

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Experienced guitar players are so in tune to the way their instruments sounds and plays that the slightest rattle or buzz will cause them alarm. Sometimes a problem with your guitar may be so subtle you can’t place what’s wrong yet you know that something is. Troubleshooting a problem with you guitar can be difficult if you are unsure where to start. It’s a good idea to develop a system to eliminate issues when one crops up.

acoustic guitar bridge

Acoustic guitar bridge
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If you are new to playing and caring for your guitar, consider having it checked out by a professional guitar repair shop. The repair person will have the right tools and knowledge to troubleshoot any problems with your guitar as well as fix it for you. If you aren’t new to the guitar, you can troubleshoot the problem yourself in order to save some money as well as eliminate any playing downtime.

The best place to start troubleshooting is at the tuning pegs at the top of the guitar. Make sure they are not loose or missing parts. If they are loose or wiggle, they will cause your guitar to slip out of tune. The pegs should turn smoothly and be too tight or loose. Any that seem out of whack should be replaced right away, especially if you have trouble keeping your guitar in tune.

guitar tuners

Guitar tuners
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The next thing to check is the nut that is located at the top of the fret board. If this becomes loose, it can cause the strings to buzz. Check to make sure the strings are situated snuggly in the grooves at the top of the nut and replace it if it is broken or worn out. The strings should sit at about the same height and if one of the shifts out of place, it could be the source of your problem.

Work your way down the fret board and check each fret to make sure they have not come loose or are damaged. You should not see any sign of excessive wear in the fret board that makes it uneven. There will be some normal wear from playing, but any extreme areas will need to be repaired. Also, make sure there are no sharp edges on your frets or any excessive wear. If there are, you will need to have your guitar professionally repaired.

Next, look at the bridge of your guitar. There should be no gaps between the bottom of the bridge and the body of the guitar. Look for cracks in the wood. The saddle should be sitting straight in the bridge. If you notice problems with the bridge or the area surrounding it, take it to a professional to have repaired.

Of course, everything could look fine and your guitar could still have something wrong with it. If that rattle or buzz continues, take your guitar in for some expert advice and repair.

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