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No matter what genre you play or want to experiment with, there are greats who have blazed the path before you. If you want to follow in their footsteps, learn where they took their falls and what you can do to increase your skills. The following four pros have more in common than you might imagine. Let’s hear what they have to say.

David Gilmour: Progressive

David Gilmour joined Pink Floyd in 1968, effectively replacing founding member Syd Barrett, who left the band shortly thereafter. His guitar playing, first showcased on the album A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS, pushed the band in new sonic directions. The band arguably reached its creative peak with 1973’s THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and 1975’s WISH YOU WERE HERE. Creative tensions broke the band up in the early 1980s, although by 1987 Gilmour had reformed the band and would go on to release three more studio albums with them, including the surprise 2015 release THE ENDLESS RIVER.

Gilmour says that he learned to play to his strengths, beginning with the blues, “When I was young, I actually sat down and learned many of the classic blues solos by Eric [Clapton] and Hendrix as well as studying old Howlin' Wolf records.” His advice is to know your limits and work around them. “…I try to approach things, given my limitations and strengths, from a more melodic standpoint and just work on it until it sounds ... nice.” (source: July 1988 Guitar World)

Eddie Van Halen: Flat-out Rock

Very few guitarists have had the acclaim or the influence of Eddie Van Halen. He regularly appears on the short lists of World’s Greatest Guitarists, and for good reason. He turned the technique of double-tapping to a true art form. (He did not, as many have suggested, create the method.) His virtuosity has been displayed over the course of 12 albums from 1977’s Van Halen debut album though 2012’s A DIFFERENT KIND OF TRUTH, which reunited the guitarist with vocalist David Lee Roth.

Van Halen learned from an early age a trick that many actors and performers learn as they progress: never let them see you sweat. Typically, you are the only one who knows you goofed. He said he learned this from his father, “I would make mistakes, and I would ask, ‘What do you do?’ And he’d say, in Dutch, ‘Gewoon door blijven gaan,’ which means ‘Don’t stop and don’t let the audience know you made a mistake.’” (source: September 2013 Esquire)

Vince Gill: Country

Vince Gill is now an internationally recognized country star in his own right. What many of his fans don’t realize is that Gill fronted the popular Country-Rock band Pure Prairie League for a few years and went on to front Rodney Crowell’s band for a time before striking out on his own. (He was also approached by Mark Knopfler to join Dire Straits. He declined but did perform on their album ON EVERY STREET.) As a solo artist, he has had more than 50 top 40 hits and sold in excess of 26 million albums.

Gill has to play with a large band and large sound. His advice is to know your place and listen to where you fit in, “…if you've got big ears, you listen, and you find that everything has its place. You learn when to play and when not to play.” Sometimes, NOT playing makes the best sound. This means setting the ego aside for the good of the music. (source: September 2016 Music Aficionado)

Gil Piger: Flamenco

Seattle-based guitarist Gil Piger is an expert Flamenco guitarist, trained in the Spanish school of guitar playing at the Royal Conservatory in Madrid. Gil was commissioned to establish the guitar program at the University of Idaho while earning his Bachelor of Arts and his Masters in Music degrees. Over the years, he has developed his own unique approach to guitar playing that he calls “Flamenco Fusion.” His first album, “Jazzy Flamenco,” won rave reviews in many major music publications. He continues to record and perform everywhere.

Piger’s advice is to never stop learning. While now in his 70s, he still travels extensively. He still plays the classics and adds twists to them to create his unique style. He has extensive videos on YouTube teaching other players how to create their own style.

No excuses

If there is one thing you can glean from these players, it’s that your excuses (age, area, background, style…) are only excuses. Never stop playing with your heart!

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