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The guitar is, by far, the most popular instrument in the world, and with good reason. It is inexpensive, versatile, portable, and relatively easy to learn. Most teenagers have had fantasies of becoming that next major rock star, and adults will pick up the guitar just for the sheer enjoyment of learning something new. Unfortunately, many beginners give up after a few unsuccessful attempts to learn. This sad end could be avoided.

private guitar lessons

Private guitar lessons

You have many life factors – such as financial resources, work schedules, or family responsibilities – that affect your commitment and ability to learning something new. You also have a specific learning style that works best for you. It is your ability to meet your learning style that will factor most into whether you will be successful in learning the guitar. Following are the four most common learning methods.

Learning by Ear

Depending on your musical genius, learning by ear may be the easiest or the most difficult method overall. A word of caution: if you choose to just grab a guitar and make noise without learning any music theory or proper technique, you better have perfect pitch – otherwise the results could be disastrous.

Method Books

There are thousands, if not millions, of books out there that may help you teach yourself the guitar. Some are quite comprehensive and will provide you with all the tools you need to go from novice to advanced. Books have the advantage of being inexpensive, extremely portable, and there whenever you have a free moment. The down side is that books do not critique, correct, or motivate you. You must be very patient and willing to take the extra time and effort to teach yourself this way. While some people find method books the best way for them to learn, others may not agree. If you get frustrated or do not feel that you are progressing, perhaps you should try another method, or use books in conjunction with different method.

Video Lessons

Most music stores, including those online, now carry a wide selection of video lessons. You may even find some beginner lessons for free on the internet. Much like books, videos give you the advantage of working at your own pace and tend to be inexpensive. Videos are a little more dynamic in that you can actually see a real player and better mimic that person’s technique. Once again, though, you do not receive any feedback on your playing, so you may only go so far with video lessons.

Private Lessons

If you are able to set aside the time and invest the money, private lessons truly are the best way to learn any instrument. A good teacher will design a program specifically for you, based on your skills, experience, musical interests, and goals while crafting it around your learning style. The best part about a live lesson is that the instructor may both correct issues and encourage good habits on the spot. You will find yourself progressing quickly and confidently, making the lessons worth every penny.

Have fun

No matter which method – or combination of methods – you choose to use, always remember why you picked up your guitar in the first place: to have fun and enjoy making your own music. Don’t give up if you find it too difficult, it could just be that you haven’t found the right learning method. Take a step back, try another one, and give yourself a chance to truly succeed!

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