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How to Get the Best Price When Buying a Guitar

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Purchasing a guitar takes some patience and research. Unless you’ve done your homework ahead of time, you should never just walk into a music store and buy the first guitar you see. You need to play a wide range of guitars before you make your final decision. The first thing you need to decide is if you want an electric or acoustic guitar.

solid body electric guitar

Solid body electric guitar
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Anyone who listens to music knows that there is a difference between the sound of an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar. Determining which one is right for you depend on your preference. It is said that electric guitars are easier to learn how to play and good for a beginner, but if you prefer to play an acoustic guitar, then that is what you should get.

Price is a big factor when it comes to buying a guitar. A beginner may wish to look for an inexpensive guitar so that they can gauge whether or not they will like playing it before moving on to a more expensive one. Someone who is an intermediate or skilled player may be ready to spend more money on a better guitar. By analyzing your own level in playing, you will be able to decide what price range will be right for you.

acoustic guitar and case

Acoustic guitar and case
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It is also important to know the basic difference in the construction of an electric and acoustic guitar so that when you consider the prices you understand why some are more expensive. Electric and acoustic guitars are made from solid wood or a veneer. Acoustic guitars have a hollow body which allows the strings vibrations to resonant and produce sound without needing an electric amplifier. Acoustics are typically constructed from a top soft wood that help enhance the timbre and tone of the guitar and a hard wood back and sides.

Electric guitars are typically solid body guitars although you can find some that are hollow body or semi-hollow. Each body type produces a different sound so you may wish to experiment with each type to find the sound you are looking for. The vibration of the strings is captured by pickups mounted to the body of the guitar that send the vibration to the amplifier to produce sound.

The neck of the guitar is important because it needs to feel comfortable in your hand when you play it. Acoustic guitars tend to have a wider neck that is glued to the body. An electric guitar will have a narrower neck that is usually bolted, glued or made from the body of the guitar itself. The length will vary on each guitar. Try to get a feel for the neck of the guitar when you are pricing them so you know whether or not it will work well with your hand.

You may find yourself faced with the option of purchasing a full guitar kit. The kit usually offers you the guitar, a case for the guitar, an amp if the guitar is an electric one, a stand, and some type of tutorial that will help you get started if you are new to playing. You may also wish to consider working with a guitar teacher if the tutorial is not enough. Kits are usually a good investment for the beginning guitar player and it will help save money until you decide whether or not you will pursue playing.

It is essential that you purchase a case to protect your guitar if you opt not to invest in a kit. Acoustic guitars should have a hard case to protect the more delicate construct of the instrument. An electric guitar can be put in a hard case or a soft one. A soft case with reinforcement to protect the guitar can be used for either type.

If you are purchasing an electric guitar, take as much time selecting the amp that you will be using with your instrument. There are numerous makes and models available ranging from a beginner amp to a full stack used by rock musicians. Keep in mind that your guitar will only sound as good as the amp it is plugged into.

Extra items to consider: a guitar tuner, picks, and extra strings.

Once you have determined the type of guitar you want, go to your local guitar shop and start trying them out.

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