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4 Easy Ways a Guitarist can Find Other Musicians to Play With

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Challenging yourself by finding and playing with other instrumentalists

As you progress in your guitar playing, you may find yourself thinking about how the part you’re playing would fit in with other instruments or even other guitar parts. Much like vocalists get a kick out of harmonizing, you will find great enjoyment in playing with other musicians. Here are some ways to find those other budding artists to share in your joy.

#1 Go old-school with want ads

From craigslist to the local paper to Facebook forums, we have more resources than ever to post and peruse local advertisements. A simple Internet search will lend you a plethora of posts. Be open to different genres and ideas. Try out a few different groups or people — it’s OK if you don’t hit it off with the first person or group you meet. Playing music with others is a lot like dating, there must be a certain chemistry for it to work. It is very much like a mutual audition.

If you aren’t finding what you’re looking for, post an ad yourself. Be specific and allow your personality to shine through. Again, it may take a few tries, and if you are open and honest, you will learn a lot along the way.

As always, when meeting someone for the first time, do it in a neutral and public place. If the weather permits, jamming in a park is an awesome way to see if you have the groove. Many coffee shops have areas where musicians can hang. You can always grab a studio at your music store or library to give a person a try.

#2 Hit your local music store

Your music store offers a lot more than sheet music and instruments. Typically, there are studios in the back where you can take lessons (if you aren’t already) and even jam with other students. There are often community boards on which you can post your ad or find others that may be looking for you. Music is a community, join in!

#3 Ask your guitar teacher

Whether you are currently taking lessons or have taken them in the past, your guitar instructor is still a valuable resource. They may have the best insight into who would be a good match for both your skill level and your personality. Allow them to honestly assess you. Tell them where you’d like to be challenged. Then, see if they can recommend a fellow student who would be open to trying something new. You might even benefit from group lessons.

#4 Hang out where they hang out

From karaoke (great place to find a lead singer), to local open mic nights, to your church, if you hang out where other musicians hang out, you are bound to meet someone who is interested in jamming. Remember, you are making friends, so be open, generous, and kind. Ask questions and show a genuine interest in others. Stray away from being a groupie; instead look to make connections as a peer. While many musicians can be divas (and jerks), who wants to hang with them? This is where you build your reputation, and you want to be that guitarist that everyone wants to work with. In other words, be cool.

If you live in either a very large or very small area and you struggle to find a venue that fits, start one yourself! Meetup.com is a wonderful place to set up a group. You can find anything from drum circles to poetry slams there, why not a guitar jam night?

Get out there!

Much like business networking, you can only meet the type of people you are looking for if you put yourself out there. Be clear on what it is you are looking for and chat with as many different types of people as you can. You never know when you’ll meet your perfect band mate!

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