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The 7 Essential Items to Have in Your Guitar Case at All Times

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Wherever you go, as a pro or just playing for fun, there are some basic things that you should have with you so that you are ready to play or repair your guitar no matter what. These items are relatively inexpensive, and small enough to keep in your guitar case – so you should never be without them!

#1 – An extra set of strings

…Or two, depending on how much you play. Yes, you may never use them – but the one time you break a string during a performance, you will practically kiss the set you have on hand. They’re small and light, so best to be prepared.

guitar strings

Guitar strings
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#2 – Basic tools

At the very least, have a set of needle-nose pliers that are also wire cutters. You will need these for string changes and many other situations. Also have a set of small screwdrivers – both standard and Phillips – and any hex or Allen wrenches that fit your equipment.

#3 – Polish cloth

If you want to do your best to avoid having to use #1 and #2, wipe down your strings after you play. Make sure the cloth is clean and soft – and not treated with anything. You will increase the life of your stings by following this simple practice.

#4 – Tuner

Yes, you may (and should) be able to tune by ear – but what if you can’t get complete silence to do it? You may be in a room full of other musicians who are also tuning, or a room full of noisy patrons who are talking, clapping, or even singing and whistling. Every professional uses a tuner, particularly when playing with other musicians – you all want to reach the same pitch, right? You’ll also be the hero of anyone who didn’t know to bring one and finds themselves unable to hear their own tuning efforts.

#5 – Extra batteries

Generally, you’ll need 9v batteries for your pickups and/or pedals – so always have them handy. Remember to have a set for your tuner, if it uses batteries, and any other devices (recorders, cordless mics?) that you use regularly.

#6 – Extra picks

Your fellow musicians will always be mooching these off of you, so bring plenty. Picks are easily lost – but they’re also cheap, so buy them by the pack.

guitar picks

Guitar picks
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#7 – Extras

Do you use a capo? How about a slide? Should you have a spare cord or adapter? Do you live in an area that requires you use a humidifier with your guitar? Did you write out a song list for the night? Do you ever need to take notes (pen & paper) or pass out your business card? Make sure these things are in your case, all the time, so you don’t have to worry about trying to find them when you need them most.

guitar capo

Guitar capo
Scripps Ranch guitar lessons

Being prepared makes you look more professional, and it also gives you peace of mind. Just make sure to leave room for your guitar!

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