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The decision to buy a bass guitar marks the beginning of an exciting venture into all the intricacies and details that are required to understand when buying a bass guitar. In fact, part of the fun of this adventure is to learn not only about price and availability, but also about the types of basses and of course, bass guitars.

four string bass guitar

Four strings bass guitar
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Unless you’re an advanced player, you might not yet know about the types of basses that are commonly used. For example, a bass guitar is, as you may know, similar in many ways to a regular guitar that hangs around your neck with a strap. The main difference between the two is that a bass guitar typically has only four “larger” strings used to reach the lower notes, as opposed to that of a six string guitar. When buying a bass guitar, you may want to try out a five or even a six string bass. However, unless you have a specific reason for having to reach lower or higher notes, it might be a good idea to stay with the conventional 4 string bass. With electric bass guitars, you will always need to plug your bass into an amplifier specifically designed for amplifying bass notes, or frequencies. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an acoustic, non-electric bass, you may want to consider a hollow-body bass. With this type of bass, the sound is created first from the vibrating strings and is heard due to the vibrations of the air waves inside the hollow-body that eventually make their way out of the bass and the rich, bass sound permeates the area around you. Acoustic basses come in a variety of sizes, and depending on your particular requirements, the larger the hollow-body actually is, the better and richer the sound will be. Of course, this is one of the critical aspects to understand when buying a bass guitar. The quality of the sound is, after all, the main requirement.

So far, I’ve talked much about basses in general and the types that are available. To be more specific about buying a bass guitar, my discussion would not be complete without mentioning another important aspect to consider. In order to play your bass comfortably with the least amount of strain, and to create the best sound, the actual scale, or length of your bass must be determined. A typical four string bass has a scale of 34” from the nut to the bridge. The bridge is where the strings attach to the bottom of the guitar. The longer the scale is, the harder is to play due to physical strain, but can be overcome with enough practice. On the positive side, the sound is richer as the scale is increased. Another consideration when buying a bass guitar is whether your bass will be fretless. Playing a fretless bass will definitely require much more practice in order to master the different playing technique required compared to a fretted bass, but the sound is different and can add a distinctive presence to your repertoire. Many professional bass players have mastered the fretless bass with great success.

Once you have decided on which type of bass guitar you are interested in buying, my guess is that you have a fairly good idea of what brand of bass you would like to own. Depending on what level you are at with your playing, it is quite possible that you already have your mind made up to purchase what is considered by many to be the very best brand of bass guitar available. That brand is Fender. I won’t spend much time talking about Fender because if you are already a seasoned player, you know about the superior quality of the Fender basses. However, if you are just starting out, perhaps in the near future you will learn more about Fender as you continue your venture into buying a bass guitar that will no doubt take your interest and excitement to new levels. For the most part, Fender basses can be expensive, with other very respectable brands such as Epiphone and Ibanez filling in the medium to lower price category.

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