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Kicking Your Music into Higher Gear by Crossing Genres

During the 1960s and 1970s, many “hyphenated” pop music genres came into being: folk-rock, country-rock, rock-jazz fusion, orchestral rock, and many others. These genres (usually) combined the best elements of the different genres being blended to create new sounds and expand on the quality of those styles. The tradition continues to this day, creating such combinations as rap-rock and hip-hop-country.

Many artists have achieved a fair amount of critical and commercial success by blending genres. If you are a musician looking to expand your musical horizons, you may want to consider letting the influences of other genres make their way into your singing, playing, and songwriting. Here, we will talk about several popular blended genres of music, their elements, and their successes.


There has always been an element of blues in rock, as it was one of the genre’s strongest influences. A listen to the early hits “Rock Around the Clock,” “Tutti Fruitti,”or “Heartbreak Hotel” would easily prove this. Yet, a truly bluesy form of rock first became popularized by many English bands during the British Invasion. The Animals, The Yardbirds, and The Rolling Stones were among the foremost bands purveying this cross-pollinated music when they first started. As time wore on, all three bands became more experimental and individualized, but blues music still plays a role in the music of all of these bands, which as of this writing are still occasionally touring and recording.


In 1970, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band evolved from its jug band roots to record and release UNCLE CHARLIE AND HIS DOG TEDDY. Around the same time, former Monkees member Michael Nesmith released a series of country-rock albums, and The Byrds released the critically-acclaimed album SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO, which moved them from their folk-rock roots to a sound firmly rooted in country. The critical and commercial success of artists such as The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Pure Prairie League, and many others proved that this was a viable musical force.

Orchestral Rock

The Moody Blues got their start in the popular blues-rock of the British Invasion. Although they had a huge hit with “Go Now,” they were otherwise not as successful as many of their peers until the group changed members and focus, delivering 1967’s DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED, featuring an orchestra as backup. This was the first truly successful pairing of an orchestra and a rock band, and was a defining moment in progressive rock. Other bands that have successfully (though only occasionally) merged symphonic music into their sound include Deep Purple, Yes, Metallica, and even KISS.


Like many of the other genres mentioned here, the melding of jazz and rock had its start in the late 1960s with the big band-influenced Blood, Sweat and Tears and Chicago, bands that shared a label (Columbia) and a producer (James William Guercio). Both of these bands still record and tour, over 45 years later. Eventually jazz artists like Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock began using rock elements in their music as well, giving birth to fusion.

Turn on the blender

By introducing aspects of other genres into your musicianship, you too can expand your musicianship. Why not give it a try?

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