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Basics of the Bass Guitar

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The bass guitar is part of the rhythm section of any band or even orchestra. It’s instrumental in helping keep the beat in all types of music, from classical to rock to heavy metal. It’s even been known to be a lead instrument and perform solos in jazz, Latin and other types of music. Many guitar players move from the guitar to the bass in order to expand their playing and knowledge.

Bass guitar playing

Bass guitar playing
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Made from maple or rosewood, the bass guitar looks like a standard guitar but with a larger body, longer neck and thicker strings. Typically the bass guitar has only four strings, but some have been made with five and even six strings. It is tuned an octave lower than the guitar. Unlike the guitar, the bass guitar is not chord oriented. In other words, you play individual notes instead of a three to four finger chord. This is one thing that makes learning how to play the bass guitar more complicated instead of easier.

Many guitarists find that learning the bass guitar provides them with a good foundation for furthering their own guitar playing or even helping them ease into playing the guitar if they have never played it before. Here are some tips for getting started with a bass guitar.

Purchase a used instrument or borrow a bass guitar to get started. You do not want to spend a lot of money on a bass until you are sure you want to learn how to play it and get good enough to warrant purchasing one. You can always buy a new one once you’re sure about your playing.

You will need to have some strength in your hands to play the bass. It’s a good idea to do some hand strengthening exercises so that you will be able to hold down the strings properly when playing. You will build up calluses on your fingers so they may be a bit tender when you first start playing.

Buy an electronic guitar tuner so you can tune your bass. Learning how to tune a guitar and a bass by ear takes practice. You can usually purchase a decent tuner for about $20 at your local music store. Ask the staff what they recommend for a beginner.

Purchase a metronome to help you learn the beat of the music you plan to play on your bass guitar. You can even download metronomes from the Internet. The bass it part of the rhythm section and while some songs are not complicated to play, the metronome will help you focus your practice.

Take lessons with a professional bass guitar teacher to learn more complicated aspects of the instrument. Once you are comfortable enough in your playing, considering playing along with some of your favorite songs.

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Bass Guitar

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