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Moving Past the Basics in Bass

The bass plays an essential part in the structure of most modern music, acting as a “go-between” from the rhythm to the melody of a song. If you have been playing long enough to master the rudiments of playing bass guitar, you might want to consider advancing in your skills. This will keep you out of a rut and make you more valuable as a player.

Practice technical exercises

This may seem counterintuitive to someone who has already mastered the basics of bass guitar playing. You should never lose focus on what got you to where you are now. The trick is to move up to more advanced technical exercises and reinforcing what you already know by occasionally going back to the simpler exercises.

Learn to read music

Start with tablature if you would like, but eventually you’re going to want to be able to read standard notation. This will expand the number of songs you are able to play well and will also give you the edge when auditioning with someone who needs you to read their compositions and be able to play them quickly and well. This means learning what is on both the bass and treble clefs.

Develop your ear

Take the time to develop your ear to the point where you hear the root and other harmonic symbols and scales. Sing along with the notes as you play them. It is a good idea to learn to sing the notes without playing. That will solidify the musical piece in your mind.

Never stop learning

Collect as many music books as you can. Subscribe to BASS PLAYER and other music magazines. Get biographies of your favorite bassists and other musicians. Check out what is available at your local library. Most importantly, read them all, cover to cover. Set aside the ones that really move you and read them again. You will gain so much usable knowledge this way. The power of reading can never be overestimated.

Work on your timing

Always be on time when you play or practice. Don’t enter the measure too late or too soon. Rehearse with a metronome and in the beginning count the measures. Encourage your band mates (if you have them) to do the same by your actions.

Posture and positioning

This is another piece of “back-to-basics” advice. Over time we can get a bit sloppy and it can affect our playing negatively. Every now and then, do a self-check. Always make sure you are standing or sitting with proper posture when playing. Make sure your fingers are positioned for most effective playing. Also, when you play, relax. Stressing only makes you tighten up and then your playing can become inaccurate. If you have any questions about these things, talk to a music teacher.

Ever onward and upward

If you can master these concepts, you are well on your way to elevating yourself to a higher level of playing. Don’t think it can’t be done. You have made it this far, and with a bit of work on these ideas, you will go even farther.

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