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Acoustic Guitar for Children—An Intro

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Starting Your Child on a Musical Adventure with Guitar

If your child has expressed interest in learning guitar, it should be encouraged. But there are a number of things to consider, especially if you are a first-time buyer of a child’s guitar. This article will run through the basics so you can feel good about investing in your kid’s musical future.

The Basics

It is a good idea to gauge your child’s true interest in this, that it is something they really want to do and not just a passing fancy. Even if they express a true desire to learn, understand that it is common for a child to become bored easily, even when doing something they enjoy. Like any other project involving a child, you should start out with a game plan, including a set schedule and a reward system, to keep them interested and moving towards a goal. After a while, the child will eventually see his or her accomplishment on the instrument as its own reward. Always be encouraging.

If you know music, of course you can teach your child yourself. Otherwise, it is recommended to find a guitar teacher who specializes in teaching children. It takes a different mindset to teach children than it does with adults. These teachers have special curricula that work really well with kids.

If you know any other parents with guitar-playing children, find out who their instructor is. You can also visit local music stores and see who they recommend. In addition, many cities and counties offer guitar lessons for children at their community centers; these are also worth considering.


As a child’s body, arms, and hands are still developing, it is best to purchase a guitar sized for children. Here are the general sizes recommended for kids:

Ages 4-6: 30”

Ages 6 -9: 34″ (3/4 size)

Ages 9 – 12: 36″

Ages 12 – Adult: 40″ or 41” (full size)

Of course, these sizes are just guidelines. Your child may be larger or smaller than average for their age. The best thing to do if you are unsure is to have your child try a few different models and see which ones feel right to them. If they are on the borderline size-wise, get them the larger of the two; they will grow into it.

How Much Should You Spend?

This part was deliberately saved for last. It is important not to waste money, and there is no guarantee that your child will continue to play the instrument, even if you are very encouraging. But please understand that a cheap guitar will not be as easily adjustable for playability. It’s also important to point out that a better-quality guitar, especially a name-brand one, will have a higher resale value once your child moves up to the next size of guitar. Do your research. Talk to a guitar shop or two or to a few music instructors. Check out a few websites for advice, as well.

Starting Them Right

With this advice, you can start your child on an amazing journey. Best wishes for you and your young guitarist.

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